Aromatherapy Good Night Natural Restful Sleep Aid; Calming Essential Oil Blend 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade for Anxiety, Relaxation & Stress Relief, Helps Boost Mood & Fight Depression

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Natura Bona’s Premium Therapeutic Grade Natural Alternative for Anxiety, Depression & Stress Relief. This 100% pure synergistic blend contains the very best ingredients known to promote deep sleep, tranquility and serenity while also enhancing mood and boosting immunity. A must have sleep and relaxation aid blend for every home.

Synergistic aromatherapy blend of the following 6 essential oils:

LAVENDER: Lavender essential oil offers calming and soothing properties that can help reduce stress, naturally slow heartbeat and relax muscles that leads to good natural night sleep. Lavender is also known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Research also suggests that lavender is helpful for combating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness.

SWEET MARJORAM: Sweet Marjoram essential oil has the properties of anesthesia and tranquilization, which has special effects on soothing emotions and helping with insomnia, depression, sadness, tension, and anxiety.

CLARY SAGE: This essential oil is known as a natural sedative that provides a calming effect to help you fall and stay asleep. Clary sage helps at reducing stress which is the key to helping your body prepare for a good night’s rest.

MELISSA: Also known as “Lemon Balm” - This potent and expensive essential oil has been known for its mood enhancing qualities and strong soothing properties that encourages emotional harmony, pacifies anger, helps reduce anxiety and promotes restful sleep.

ROMAN CHAMOMILE: This powerful versatile oil has been used as a mild sedative to calm nerves, reduce anxiety and depression, fight insomnia and promote relaxation and deep natural sleep.

BERGAMOT: This oil is known for its calming effect; it signals to your system that it is time for bed by helping slowing your heart rate and assisting you at reducing anxiety and stress, as well as, supporting lowering blood pressure.