Natura Bona All-Natural Glass Bottle Roll-On Deodorant for Men & Women. Non-GMO & Free of Aluminum, Parabens, Baking Soda & Other Harmful Chemicals. BPA Free Bottle.

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Natura Bona’s all-natural deodorant proprietary formula uses pure essential oils of the highest purity to create an aromatic pleasant deodorant profile that fights perspiration and body odor naturally, and protects you up to 24 + hours. This deodorant packs powerful antibacterial properties and odor causing elements that neutralize the body odor at its source with a single application. Stay away from unhealthy, chemically derived commercial deodorants! Our All-Natural Deodorant is 100% vegan, non-GMO & uses nothing but all-natural ingredients; free of paraben, aluminum & other harsh chemicals for your body and the environment; and most important it provides you with 100% protection from unwanted body odor and perspiration. Easy to use roller bottle. Our Natural Non-Aerosol Organic Deodorant uses nothing but all-natural safe ingredients.