Organic Goldenrod Essential Oil (Solidago canadensis) 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Oil Prediluted in Organic Avocado Oil; 30 mL Treatment Pump Ready to Use.

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The Goldenrod plant (Solidago Canadensis) is native to North America having long branches and bright yellow flowers as it ascends. Natura Bona Organic Goldenrod essential oil is steamed distilled from the plant flower with a colorless grassy, bitter-sweet citric and pleasant earthy scent. Goldenrod is known to support the circulatory system, urinary tract and liver functions. Prediluted and Ready to Use with 50:50 dilution in Organic Avocado Oil.

- Country of Origin: USA, Botanical Name: Solidago Canadensis, Family Name: Asteraceae

- INCI NAME: Solidago canadensis flower/steam extract, Common Names: Field Goldenrod, Goldenrod, Tall Goldenrod, Woundwort

- Scent: Medium, Citric and Peppery/Bitter-Sweet, Appearance: Colorless

- Natural: Yes, Purity: 100%, Organic Certified: Yes, Specific Gravity: 0.859

- Solubility: Insoluble, Flash Point (Closed Container): 61.11°C / 142°F