Fragrance Oil for Making Candle, Soap, Lotion, Perfume, Cologne, Incense, Bath Bomb, Diffusers, Plug in Refills, Oil Burners. Premium Quality Undiluted Pure Perfume Oil

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Perfume Studio Premium Grade xxxxxx Fragrance Oil; This Optimum Long-Lasting Fragrance Oil is formulated for Making Home & Commercial Candles, Soaps, Lotions, Perfumes, Colognes, Incense, Bath Bombs, Air Freshener Sprays, Skin, Hair Care and Beauty Products Formulations, Cleaning Products, Aroma Diffusers, Scented Dryer Sheets, Freshening Closets & Drawers, Potpourri, Freshening Carpets, Massage Body Oil, Sugar Scrubs, Odor Sprays, Car and RV Deodorizers, and Many other Personal Care Products.

Perfume Studio premium fragrance oils are made using complex and expensive premium grade raw materials and of skin-safe composition of essential oils; including the same or better specialty raw quality materials found in original fragrances. Our oils are perfectly balanced with top, heart and base notes as famous fragrances. All of our Fragrance Oils are made in the USA by expert master perfumers with decades of industry practice certified by the IFRA to guarantee compliance to quality and safety standards.