Perfume Studio Fragrance Oil Set 3-Pk 1oz Each for Making Soaps, Candles, Bath Bombs, Lotions, Room Sprays, Colognes

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Perfume Studio Pure Parfum Strength Fragrance Oil 3-Piece Set; 1oz Splash-On Glass Bottle, each. Undiluted, Alcohol Free Concentrated Premium Grade Oil. Use for Perfume Making, Personal Body Oil, Cologne making, Soap & Candle Making, Incense. Use on Oil Burners and some home diffusers, depending on manufacturer.

Perfect Set for DIY Home Cosmetic, Beauty and Personal Care Products. Perfume Making, Personal Body Oil, Soap & Candle Making and Incense. Made from Natural and Processed Ingredients. Safe to Use: 100% Skin Safe Perfume Oil, Phthalate & Vanillin Free and Cruelty-Free (For External Cosmetic Use Only; May need to dilute with a carrier oil on sensitive skins.

Perfume Studio oils are made using complex and expensive premium grade raw materials and of skin-safe composition of essential oils; including the same or better specialty raw quality materials found in original commercial high-end fragrances. Our oils are perfectly balanced with top, heart and base notes as famous fragrances.

APPLICATION: The amount of fragrance oil you’ll use on your intended product will vary depending on other ingredients used, volume and desired results. Please refer to attached general guidelines (2nd picture on listing) on the amount of oil to use; knowing that it is just a general guideline and the amount of oil you’ll ultimately use will most likely vary depending on your corresponding product’s ingredients, type, and quality. A trial-and-error in your formula is common until you achieve and perfect your final product.

CAUTIONS: A strong perfume oil for Adult Use Only. Keep out of reach of children. For External Use Only. Store in cool dark place away from heat, sunlight and humidity to ensure longevity.

DISCLAIMER: Trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers. Perfume Studio has no affiliation in anyway with Demeter "Baby Powder"; a registered trademark name. Name is used solely for comparative purposes to give our customers an idea of the scented oil character and type.