Essential Oil Sets 100% Pure & Therapeutic Grade for Diffusers Body Massage Skin Aromatherapy; 3-Pack EO Kit, 10ml each Euro Glass Droppers

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Natura Bona 100% pure, all-natural therapeutic grade premium quality essential oils; Ready to be used with a diffuser, nebulizer, humidifier, oil burner or inhaler for instant aromatherapy results. Dilute or blend with our EO Carrier Oil Kit to use on body skin, face, hair, personal care products and for therapeutic body massages.

Natura Bona is committed in offering essentials and carrier oils that are organic or 100% pure & natural and of premium therapeutic grade. Unlike many other EO vendors, Natura Bona ONLY sources oils that are Vegan & Kosher certified, cruelty-free, Non-GMO, and extracted by cold-pressed or steamed distillation methods to ensure purity, quality and having unadulterated real therapeutic benefits.