Heavy Duty Double Edge Chrome Safety Butterfly Razor for Men By Razilo®; Includes Mirrored Travel Case & 6 Platinum Coated Stainless Steel Double Edge Blades for Prolonged Use and a Smoother Shave

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The Razilo® Ultimate Double Edge Butterfly Razor is packaged in a Convenient Mirror Travel Case with 6 Premium Platinum Coated Stainless Steel Double Edge Blades For Maximum Durability and a Smooth Shave!

The Razor Features an Advanced Twist-to-Open Butterfly Head Mechanism for a Quick and Easy Blade Change.

The Perfect Starter Razor for Beginners, as well as Experienced Wet Shavers: You'll get will get a better and smooth closer shave than with any cartridge or disposable razor you've ever used. After getting used to it, shaving will be a breeze. The heavier weight of the Razilo Ultimate will do all the work for you. Make sure you use a quality shaving soap and carefully use the safety razor with steady and consistent up and down strokes, avoiding sudden diagonal and horizontal strokes as it may lead to accidental nicks. Always rinse and clean the blade after each shave to prolong use; also ensure the razor handle stays dry to avoid water deposits on the twist-to-open mechanism. Keeping the razor mechanism dry will give you many years of use.

The Razilo® classic chrome-finished butterfly razor is the perfect crafted shaving tool for experienced wetshavers and frequent newbie shavers alike. The razor's ideal weight allows you to apply minimum pressure resulting in a smooth, comfortable and enjoyable shave with less irritation and fewer nicks. The kit includes 6 premium blades that will give you 6-8 Shaves per Single Blade.

The Razilo Safety Butterfly Razors Comes with a 90-DAY Limited Warranty!