Perfume Studio Airless Pump Bottle Refillable; 1 oz. Ideal Airless Dispenser Container for Travel Made from BPA Free Clear Durable Plastic.

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Perfume Studio Refillable Airless Pump Bottle; 30ml / 1oz.

The perfect pump for your skin care products. Effectively protect your content by preventing them from air exposure. The airless pump bottle has no dip tube but rather uses a diaphragm that rises to effortlessly dispense the product. When the pump is depressed, it creates a vacuum effect that brings your cosmetic products upwards at a smooth and consistent flow rate.

The airless pump can be used for a multitude of products: serums, foundations, creams, lotions, skin care products & massage oils, cleansers, gels, hair products, DYI Formulations and more. There is no waste using the refillable airless pump bottle since the pump evacuates 99% of its content.

An easy to use and easy to clean refillable pump. Made in the USA. Constructed from 100% BPA Free double wall clear & durable hard plastic. Also perfect for travelling; bottle is 4.75 inches tall by 1.25 inches in diameter, easily fits in your purse bag and pockets. It’s light weight, TSA Airline Approved, Leak Proof & Shockproof.

The airless pump will help you keep your products fresh and sterile from the environment by preventing oxidation, pollution, airborne viruses and bacteria contaminating your product.