Replacement Straight Glass Tip Pipette Droppers with a Black Bulb for 4oz Boston Round Bottles with a 22/400 Neck Finish (No Bottles), Plus Free Perfume Studio Pure Parfum 2ml Sampler

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Perfume Studio® PACK OF 4 Glass Pipette Replacement Droppers for 4oz Boston Round Bottles with a 22/400 Neck Closure size. Plus, a Free Perfume Sample Vial. A top quality Black Bulb - 7x108mm straight tip glass pipette for 4oz Boston Round Bottles. BPA Free and Safe to Use with Essential Oils. Fits Now Foods 4oz Bottles with a 22/400 Neck Size (22mm diameter).

NOTE: Please measure your bottles neck size: If your bottle’s neck size is not 22mm in diameter, then select the 24mm glass pipette dropper. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE IT WILL FIT CORRECTLY UNLESS YOU MEAURE YOUR BOTTLE’S NECK SIZE. Reusable and Durable Perfume Studio Glass Pipettes.