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Wholesale Perfume Oils; Premium IMPRESSION of Guchie Oud; 2oz with 5ml Roll On*

Wholesale Perfume Oils; Premium IMPRESSION of Guchie Oud; 2oz with 5ml Roll On*

$ 16.00

Wholesale Perfume Oil 2 oz bottle with 5ml empty Roller Bottle. Perfume Studio IMPRESSION Perfume Oil - SIMILAR to Guchi Oud*; 100% Pure Undiluted, No Alcohol Premium Parfum Oil (Parfum Oil VERSIONS/TYPES; Not Original Brands)

  • Perfume Studio Top Quality Pure Parfum IMPRESSION: Similar fragrance accords to Guchi* Oud; 100% Pure Undiluted, No Alcohol Premium Perfume Oil (VERSION/TYPE Oil; Not Original Brand)
  • An Alcohol Free, Top Grade Perfume Oil with Long Lasting Scent - Packed in a 10ml, Travel Size Refillable Roller Bottle.
  • For Best Results, it’s recommended to apply pure perfume oils in the following body and pulse point areas: Behind the Ears, Inside Elbows, Down You Back, Inside Wrist, Behind your Knees, Base of Throat, and Belly Button Area.
  • A Pure Strength, Undiluted Perfume Oil Made in the USA from the Highest Quality Perfume and Essential Oils Available; Skin Safe; Phthalate and Vanillin Free.


Perfume Studio oils are skillfully and professionally crafted using complex and expensive premium grade raw materials and essential oils with a skin-safe composition (Phthalate and Vanillin Free), including the same or better raw quality materials found in pricey original brand name fragrances. All of our oils are harmoniously balanced with Top, Heart and Base notes. As opposed to online competitors that sell you cheap diluted and low grade oils, when you purchase a Perfume Studio Oil, know that you're getting the finest quality perfume that is made from premium essential oils and top grade raw materials that are 100% skin safe, long lasting and of the optimal composition.