We welcome your request for Oils and Fragrance on this blog

Posted by Eduardo Gonzalez on

Let us know your favorite perfume/cologne and we can probably make it in pure perfume oil type/version.

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  • i wanted to request some samples-it is too hard to tell quality without testing. i spend alot of money on perfumes/lotions/cosmetics each month-and am looking for something new. also-i have a wedding coming up, and i am making 8-10 gift baskets, and i think the oils would make a nice addition to the baskets. i am interested in prada candy, pink friday, opium, ysatis, and something with some amber. also—an i order the oils i want in the ‘concentrated’ formula? please contact me so i can send my mailing address—the wedding is in a couple of months-and i want to order soon.

    tammy malone on
  • Hello. I’m just checking if I am reading the description to your oil perfumes correctly. Are these oils 100percent natural? Thanks

    Kathleen O'Connell on
  • I love the flower bomb (pure parfume type oil) do you still make it? I like the dropper. Or the roll on will be fine. & how much it cost .5 Oz/15ML ?? Tnx

    Alicia on
  • I just received your “alcohol free” Impression of Givenchy II For Men. It is wonderful.
    Before I became alcohol sensitive I was using Envy by Gucci. Would you be able to put together an
    “alcohol free” oil that would be similar in fragrance?

    Paul Childers on
  • I like the fragrance chanel chance eau tendre
    Christian dior j ’adore ,
    Do you have this in perfume oil

    mary jab on

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