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18 Aug '15

We welcome your request for Oils and Fragrance on this blog

Posted by Eduardo Gonzalez

Let us know your favorite perfume/cologne and we can probably make it in pure perfume oil type/version.


Hi, I am a soy wax candle maker and I’m wondering how many ounces of the baltic amber perfume wax per pound of wax you would suggest.
I’ve only ever worked with fragrance oils that are much more diluted than your products.
Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon, love your products

Posted by hayley on August 18, 2018

I purchased a 10 ml roll on of YSL Champagne. can you make this for me again. did an order from somewhere else, and it is horrible. thanks. i would like more than 10 ml and packaging that will protect the product from AZ heat and sun in shipment.

Posted by Dianne Johnson on August 03, 2018

Hello Sir/Madam,
I’m very glad to see your description about fragrance oils. I’m from Pakistan and want to start a fragrance selling business in form of perfume type oils. Nowadays I am searching different companies which make perfume type oils that are similar to famous brands. Your rates are reasonable but I am not sure of quality of the product until I experience it. So, what I need is samples. Can you send me samples of perfume type oils of famous brands so that I may decide to purchase your product. Another query is, which country your company belongs and what is your postal address.
I’m looking forward to your reply.
Yours faithfully,
Syed Imran Khalid

Posted by Syed Imran Khalid on January 18, 2018

Please let me know dimensions of Window Hinged Tins.
I am looking for smaller amount, up to 10 of rectangle, shallow, hopefully nearly 4.5” on longer side. Let me know as soon as possible. Thanks.

Posted by Niizeki Hiromi on November 11, 2016

When r u going to get Ralph Lauren blue oil?

Posted by Sonja Lee on September 18, 2016

i wanted to request some samples-it is too hard to tell quality without testing. i spend alot of money on perfumes/lotions/cosmetics each month-and am looking for something new. also-i have a wedding coming up, and i am making 8-10 gift baskets, and i think the oils would make a nice addition to the baskets. i am interested in prada candy, pink friday, opium, ysatis, and something with some amber. also—an i order the oils i want in the ‘concentrated’ formula? please contact me so i can send my mailing address—the wedding is in a couple of months-and i want to order soon.

Posted by tammy malone on July 15, 2016

Hello. I’m just checking if I am reading the description to your oil perfumes correctly. Are these oils 100percent natural? Thanks

Posted by Kathleen O'Connell on May 11, 2016

I love the flower bomb (pure parfume type oil) do you still make it? I like the dropper. Or the roll on will be fine. & how much it cost .5 Oz/15ML ?? Tnx

Posted by Alicia on March 18, 2016

I just received your “alcohol free” Impression of Givenchy II For Men. It is wonderful.
Before I became alcohol sensitive I was using Envy by Gucci. Would you be able to put together an
“alcohol free” oil that would be similar in fragrance?

Posted by Paul Childers on February 11, 2016

I like the fragrance chanel chance eau tendre
Christian dior j ’adore ,
Do you have this in perfume oil

Posted by mary jab on January 28, 2016

I’m looking for ellen tracy

Posted by shadeed el-amin on January 25, 2016

Your Bond no. 9’s smell better than the real deal! This is also true for your Tom Ford collection. Keep up your outstanding work. What about “Byredo” for men and women?

Posted by ron crump on December 13, 2015

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